The Fidget Cube is an example of ZURU taking a trend item, and building out to be one of the bestselling properties fo the year. ZURU turned what was the 2nd largest Kickstarter project of all time, into an award winning product marketed globally in all major retailers. Within just six months of licensing, ZURU developed a product and brand, and then available to the market in all major retailers globally. Since then, the product has pushed into multiple waves, has had successful licenses with DC and Marvel, and was awarded the best-selling toy in its category for 2017 by NPD.


Robo Alive has been one of ZURU’s most successful brands. The brand started with Robo Fish, a robotic fish created and licensed off an inventor. After selling over 30million units worldwide, the brand has since expanded into Robo Alive, a brand focused on delivering lifelike robotic creatures to market such as Lizards and Snakes. New installments include an attacking T-Rex and robotic Spider. They’re so realistic, you’d think they’re are alive – but its Robo Alive!


Bunch O Ballons is one of ZURU’s biggest succeses, and one of the most successful outdoor toys of all time. What started as a Kickstarter campaign from a father in Texas, has now become a global success, with multiple awards and more than 5 billion water balloons sold worldwide. Josh Malone raised over $1m in funding but still faced the challenge of being able to manufacture his new invention at the scale and speed required. ZURU partnered with Josh and within 6 months designed the very machines, that now produce over 280,000 bunches a day – all without human intervention. This ensured Bunch O Balloons could be produced at scale and to the highest of quality, and backed by a huge global marketing effort turned the item into a global phenomenon. Bunch O Balloons has won multiple awards globally, including two coveted TOTY (Toy of the Year) awards and was NPD USA’s Best Selling Toy of 2016.