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The journey is not over, we still have work to do as we progress to a better tomorrow!
Friday 12 June 2020

The last week here at Zuru has been a time of reflection and education for all of us. But while we can use our position of privilege to do so, others do not have such freedom.

We here at Zuru have always been supporters of Captivating International, who provides education and opportunity to women and children across Asia who live in poverty, so they may reach a better tomorrow. Supporting and empowering disadvantaged women and children is an integral part of who we are as a company, and we want to continue that in our support of BLM.

We will be donating $50,000 across 10 charities whose focus is the advancement of Black Women in America, to continue our focus on the advancement and empowerment of women. These Charities are as follows:

The National Coalition of Black Women

The National Council of Negro Women

The Black Women’s Health Imperative  

Black Career Women’s Network

The National Black Women’s Justice Institute

Sisterlove, Inc.

The National Association of Coloured Women’s Clubs

The National Congress of Black Women

The Black Women’s Playwright Group

Black Women’s Blueprint

While we may never understand, we can and will be an ally. The journey is not over, we still have work to do.