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Seizing Opportunities and opening doors.
Thursday 28 May 2020

Since May 2018, ZURU has partnered with Captivating Charity to fund the “Vocational School Scholarship (VSS) Program and MY FIRST JOB “(MFJ)” programs in China with the mission to see the poorest-of-the-poor children reach a better tomorrow. In the name of the company, ZURU has sponsored over 400 northwest female students till now for the program’s tuition, providing them with education and job opportunities.

With new jobs and opportunities 103 of the 120 women who did the Captivating ‘My first Job Program’ that started in 2019 with 2 months duration, successfully completed their chef assistance training that will help them engage in their first paid job. The majority of the trainees who finished have started an internship and others found a job so now they are able to earn around RMB 1500-2600 a month that will give them a bit more independence and make them more confident. This is a huge accomplishment for them and a dream come true.

ZURU volunteers stepped into Qinghai 3 times since 2018 to get a deeper understanding of the struggles poor communities face, like living conditions, an inability to meet basic needs because food, clean drinking water, proper sanitation, education, health care and other social services. Our volunteers had to live in those communities and overcame the discomfort suffer from the cold and altitude sickness, living with a local family, help them cook, doing field work, feed the animals, and collect yak dung all this to develop consciousness and empathy with the girls we