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Tuesday 14 May 2019

With the third series in the ZURU SMASHERS™ collectable range: SMASHERS Dino, off to a great start in the UK market, ZURU has announced a ‘epic’ new addition to the current series.

The ZURU Smashers Epic Dino Egg brings a new play pattern to the SMASHERS stable, focused on the giant unboxing trend as well as slime, construction and so much more. Launching in July 2019, the Epic Dino Egg is designed to be smashed open. This then launches a rich and engaging unboxing and construction experience. Each egg includes a giant yoke that holds over 20 surprises children can SLIME, FIZZ & SMASH their way through to uncover an exclusive Smash-O-Saur Dino. All the Smash-O-Saurs bones are hidden within different compounds which children will need to excavate from putty, slime, fizzing volcanos and dino dirt. Once you have collected all your bones, you can construct your epic Smash-O-Saur. There are three to collect. Each Epic Dino Egg also includes six Smash Egg SMASHBALLS™, digging tool, scratch-map, and highly requested Smash Egg rebuilder.

The brand is supported by an extensive TV campaign, influencer unboxings, PR, digital and social content and live activations.  A tailored campaign will be implemented for the Epic Dino Egg from the summer.

‘We’re really excited to bring a new element to our SMASHERS range,’ said Adam Woods, Global Creative Director, ZURU.  ‘With collectibles as a noted growth leader in the toy industry, we continue to invest heavily in to our collectible brands’.  ‘SMASHERS offer an innovative way to play with attractive price points across all skus.  Since we launched the first series in December 2017, SMASHERS have been featured as one of the fastest growing new toy brands in the UK.  Latest global figures confirm that over 32 million Smashballs have been smashed and there are thousands of unboxing videos on Youtube amassing over 80 million views.’

The innovative element to the brand is that each SMASHERSTM character is housed inside an iconic SMASHBALL™. Kids can only discover which ones they’ve collected by smashing the SMASHBALLTM open. Once unboxed, children can THROW, collect and trade SMASHERSTM – as each one has its own Smash Point Value™ allowing for extended play.

Aimed at both pocket money and birthday money budgets, SKUs include the ZURU SMASHERSTM Dino one pack, three pack, eight pack, and larger playset items including the Smash-Rex Playset. This hungry Dino CHOMPS, SMASHES then POOPS out Smash Eggs and also comes with a Smash-Egg rebuilder.