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Wednesday 01 August 2018

Up your game with ZURU’s new X-ShotTM Flying Bug Attack! X-Shot Bug Attack is the innovation line, take down real flying targets with the phenomenal Swarm Seeker blaster. Load up the foam darts into the auto-sliding side clip, place the flying bugs onto the motorised launcher, press down to release them into the air, take aim – and FIRE!

The Flying Bug Attack range includes two awesome sets! The single pack comes complete with Swarm Seeker, motorised launcher, two flying bugs, dart clip, and 12 reuseable foam darts (RRP: £19.99). Throw down the gauntlet and challenge friends to an X-Shot dual with the Swarm Seeker two-pack (RRP: £29.99). Including two Swarm Seekers, motorised launcher, two dart clips, three flying bugs, and 24 reuseable foam darts, prepare for double the trouble.

And no need to worry if the bugs ever escape or your darts go AWOL – the X-Shot Bug Attack accessories range includes a Swarm Attack pack, included 2 Flying bugs (RRP: £ 4.99)

In addition of Flying bug Attack in 2018, X-Shot will introduce revamped and new blasters in new colors and competitive pricing. This includes the new and improved Regenerator(RRP: £34.99), Turbo Advance (RRP: £29.99) and New-Vigilante(RRP: £12.99). All ZURU’s X-Shot blasters have been re-engineered to shoot 10 feet further and with more darts in each pack, allowing ZURU to continue to offer truly unbeatable value to consumers.

The X-Shot Flying Bugs Attack and the Xshot full range is available from all major retailers.