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Monday 24 September 2018

Leading international toy and consumer products company ZURU has launched Series 2 of their popular SMASHERSTM, collectible figures contained in the innovative SMASHBALLTM, with the all-new GROSS SMASHERTM line of weird, wacky and disgusting characters housed in a SMASHBALLTM that resembles a dislocated eyeball. On top of being a gross toy, GROSS SMASHERS hits on many top toy trends including blind unboxing, collectibles, and compound play with many SMASHBALLs including gooey slime for the extra gross-out factor.

Just like Series 1, children can only discover which character they’ve collected by smashing open the SMASHBALL. With Series 2, ZURU updated the character theme to introduce 100 new ‘freakishly gross’ creatures to collect contained in a SMASHBALL EYEBALL and with the chance of finding some SMASHERS in slime. Hitting shelves in October, the GROSS collection is also a timely addition for the Halloween market.

Once unboxed – or smashed – children can battle, collect, swap and score with their GROSS SMASHERS, as each one has its own Smash Point ValueTM for extended play. Series 2 includes ‘Odd Bodies’, ‘Icky Insects’, ‘Ooze Dudes’, ‘Awful Animals’, ‘Filthy Food’, ‘Toilet Humour’, and ‘Smash Trash’, with rare, ultra-rare see-thru characters and playset exclusive characters to collect.

Aimed at pocket money, treats, and gifting budgets, the line includes the SMASHERS one pack, three pack and eight pack, alongside bigger hero items such as the Puke Pizza Collectors’ Tin and SMASHERS Sludge Bus that unfolds into a bathroom to shoot Smashers into the toilet! All come complete with a Collector Guide.

Adam Wood, Creative Director at ZURU said, “SMASHERS bridges the excitement of a blind purchase with unboxing in a unique way. And Series 2 also marries this with the appeal of collecting alongside the novelty of gross toys! Children have always loved collecting and with global trends suggesting that there’s no sign of this growth driver slowing down, we’re confident that the Gross Series will be a success and enhance the brand’s longevity.”

Extensive marketing support is underway for Series 2 including traditional on- and offline media, unboxing influencer outreach, events, sampling and social media, and retail activations and backing. Additional webisodes and content is also in production for the dedicated SMASHERS YouTube channel which has received 15.4 Million views to date.