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Sunday 01 July 2018

ZURU, the global award-winning toy manufacturer, has today unveiled its latest tech toy brand offering, Tube Superstar, featuring everything kids need to become a social media star.

With one third of kids under 12 already creating their own content, Tube Superstar taps into every kid’s dream to become a ‘YouTube Star’ by providing kids with all the equipment they need to create cool content, such as the popular Vlogs, and challenge other performers on the go.

Adam Wood, Creative Director at ZURU said, ‘The creation of Tube Superstar reflects the popularity and interest kids have in developing content online, particularly video blogging roleplay, and it’s designed with girls in mind following the success we have seen with recent product launches such as The Rocket and Beat Moovz.’

The Tube Superstar kit includes a selfie stick with a stand and unique QR reader microphone, so kids can film and edit content live as well as activate special features and call outs. Coupled with the innovative and exclusive free to download Tube Superstar App, it makes it super simple to create fun and engaging videos on the fly with over 50 filters and effects.

The app also features three video modes with unique filters, effects and sounds inspired by the kids’ favourite channels – ‘How To’, Challenge and Performance.

Renee Lee, Global Marketing Manager at ZURU added, ‘There is a whole new category of Tech Toys emerging within the girls’ aisle and we are excited to be leading the way with our recent additions to the brand. Children are our most tech-savvy generation and we need to play in that field to meet their needs and enhance the brand’s longevity.’

Tube Superstar is now available in leading Australian retail stores, including Big W and Kmart at RRP $24.

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