Unbox amazing magical fairy suprises including fairy wings that you can wear!

Discover 7 new Rainbocorns Fairycorns including the Bunnycorn, Poodlecorn and the Rare Golden Hippocorn! Who will you find?

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Never have you met a Rainbocorn more on trend than Styla the Kittycorn! She loves nothing more than having the latest fashions and helping her mates in Rainboville to keep up with her Katwalk style! You’ll catch her in the mall trying on the latest pair of jeans.
DJ the Unicorn Fairycorn is the life of the party! She’s super loud, lovable and likes nothing more than boogying with her friends in Rainboville. She takes her headphones everywhere with her so she’s always ready to crack out some tunes.
Toof the Bunnycorn has a magical aura about her. A very generous soul, she’s always looking after her fellow Fairycorns in Rainboville. She’s always helping out where she can and she’s also a bit of a clean freak – she likes nothing more than helping her friends learn how to brush their pearly whites!
Cookie the Hippocorn is the biggest foodie in Rainboville! Her favourite place is the kitchen where she’s always whipping up new recipes and trying new ingredients. Adventurous and experimental, Cookie loves variety.
As she hates being the centre of attention, Abra the Owlcorn is always wide awake at night! She loves nothing more than making her friends’ in Rainboville’s wishes come true while their asleep. With her magical wand she casts a spell to make good things happen all across Rainboville – Abracadabra!
Vacay the Poodlecorn lives life in the fast lane! She’s always on the go and off to the most fashionable destinations – Paris, London, Milan, she’s been to them all. Despite her adventures, Vacay doesn’t ever forget her friends in Rainboville, always bringing back the best presents!
Adored by her fellow Rainbocorns, Honey is as sweet as can be and a favourite of Rainboville. Her sweet and caring nature makes her a favourite of her friends, but because she’s got so many she’s notoriously difficult to track down! Will you be able to find her somewhere in Rainboville?

Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise Series 4 by Zuru

Rainbocorns Fairycorn Surprise Series 4 is full of magical surprises! Unbox amazing magical fairy surprises including colour change poop, a fairy glitter heart and adorable new Fairy Boo-Boocorns to hatch and collect. There’s even magical fairy wings that you can wear!