Otto is a great baker – he is always on the look for new and exciting recipes to treat his friends to. His favorite dessert to make is a honey layered cake topped off with caramel chunks!
Poppy is a ray if sunshine! Outgoing and a bundle of energy, Poppy always has a smile on her face. She loves all things water related and her idea of a perfect weekend is spending time at a beach before going for a quick dip to cool off!
Fliss is an avid traveler! He favorite destinations so far have been Italy and the Caribbean Islands. She loves posting cute photos on her social media and dreams of becoming a travel blogger!
Juno is the craftiest Coco Surprise! She spends a lot of her time learning new and fun hobbies – the most recent one she picked up was crocheting!
Ziggy is the most tech-savy Coco Surprise! He loves everything technology and is most proud of a laptop that he recently built himself. He also loves online games and spends a lot of time playing with his friends.
Luna is the sweetest member of the Coco family! She loves romantic novels and classical music, cute cafes and long walks in the park. She loves shopping and always ensures that her outfits look great!
Goldie loves experimenting with her fur! She has tried on so many different looks and colors already and is actually training to become a hair stylist herself! Goldie cannot wait to open her own studio and invite all her friends for make-overs!
Hop is the life of the party! He's super loud, lovable and likes nothing more than boogying with her friends. Hop takes his headphones everywhere with him so he's always ready to turn on some tunes.
Mego is a true diva – she will never leave the house without brushing her mane and polishing her horn first. Mego loves experimenting with different colors of glitter to decorate her horn and loves switching it up regularly!
Noodle is a true fashionista! His dream is to study fashion design in the future and hopefully even start his own line of clothing! Noodle's first collection will definitely be covered in polka dots – they are so on-trend!
Squish is a professional player of Dance Revolution. He spends most of his free time practicing and is proud of holding the highest record amongst his friends! Would you dare to challenge Squish for the first place??
Bob-Bon is a very outdoorsy and active, always up for a fun hike or a yoga class! Bon-Bon loves trying new things and travelling the world with his group of close friends.
Fizzy is the most relaxed Coco Surprise, his favorite hobby is definitely napping and he likes to practice it as often as possible! The perfect weekend for Fizzy is staying at home and watching movies while eating home-made snacks.
Mitzy is Ella's best fried, she is glamorous an fun and is always excited for a brunch with her girl-friends. Interesting fact: Mitzy is a professional face painter and sometimes helps out at her friends' parties!
Poncho is obsessed with the color blue! She collects blue clothes, décor and even mugs. Poncho's dream is to become a fashion designer when she grows up, creating beautiful designs and sharing her hobby with all her friends.
Silvy is a true social butterfly! She's super charismatic and has friends all over town. Silvy is known for her confident and charming self, but the reason she's so is because of her compassionate and caring nature. If any of her friends has a problem, Silvy is always around to lend an ear.
Spritz is a kind and quiet, she loves spending her time reading or playing board games with her friends. Spritz's favorite holiday is Easter, she could not say no to a chocolate hunt!
Bingo loves the outdoors! He spends a lot of time going on runs in the park or swims on the beach. On the weekends he loves having Bark-B-Qs with his friends! Would you join him for a Bark-B-Q with some fries on the weekend?
Bongo is the smartest Coco Squishie! He is always getting the top grades at school and dreams of getting a degree in bark-eology! Bongo is also kind and always ready to help his friends if they fall behind in class!
Buzzy is friendly and caring, always happy to give a helping hand! His favorite time of the year is Thanksgiving, he loves spending his Howl-idays with his large family! Buzzy is already looking forward to try the new pumpkin pie recipe next Thanksgiving!
Hypa is a paw-fessional ball fetcher. He thinks it a true strength of his and will never pass a training session with his BFFs! Hypa works really hard, dreaming of getting into a college football team one day!
Mishmosh is true beauty icon! She always follows the most recent fashion trends and is surrounded by friends and pup-arazzi's. Mishmosh hopes to become a true TikTok star one day!
Mochi is the tidiest of all Coco Squishies! She keeps her room very cute, well-decorated and neat and never fur-gets to brush her coat before bed! Mochi is also an avid reader, always waiting for the next book to release!