Welcome to Angel High!

The place where fashion and friendship rule, and everyone is welcome! These Angel High Dolls love helping friends from the clouds above with sparkle, style and love. There are 6 magical dolls to collect, with outfits & accessories to make the perfect glam look. Style her with an all NEW Swappable Outfit and Mini Wings and style her hair with a Brush and the Colour Changing Hair Clip and Extension!

You're *INVITED* to to the Ultimate Tea Party with ITTY BITTY PRETTYS TEACUP PLAYSET!
Sewing Lab 3…that's pretty much where you can always find Coco between classes, Angel High have even nicknamed is Coco's Corner. If Coco's not behind the sewing machine putting the final touches on her newest designs, you can find her hand dying her own fabrics…her newest innovation? Sweet scented skirts!
Pascal is a debutante with a heart of gold and a bag full of sweets…no really, Pascal's motto is ‘There's no problem that candy or angels can't fix.' Pascal brings her love for all things sweet in all she does – always making sure that her Angel High friends are feeling their best.
Cosmo, or Mo as her friends call her, is the techie of the group, merging her love for all things high tech with her love for fashion. Cosmo has always been fascinated technology and was recruited to Angel High's elite coding program after impressing the faculty with her own interactive site Fashion Futures which she coded herself.
Known as Z.B. by her closest friends, Zesti is known for her dope beats and incredible ear for music. When Z.B.'s not DJing at Angel High events you can find her composing new beats at the Angel High music studio. This confident queen loves mixing the old school with the new school, like retro fashion with her official feather couture Angel Wings.
Twizzle joined the Angel High squad as an exchange student from a far away land that is still a bit of a mystery to her new found pals. Nonetheless, Twizzle has been quick to make new besties with the crew, bringing a unique fashion sense and love for research to all at Angel High.
Peace, love & fashion, that's what Cara-Mello is all about. This chilled chick is the most easy going Angel High squad member you'll meet, always willing to go with the flow because sometimes the best things in life aren't planned.

Itty Bitty Prettys Angel High Capsule Doll with 10 Surprises inside including…

1x Capsule/Doll Stand, 1x Angel High Doll, 1x Swappable Wing Accessory Clip, 1x Set Swappable Outfit, 1x Pair Mini Wings Accessories, 1x Brush, 1x Color Changing Hair Clip and Extension, 1x Angel Cloud Slime, 1x Collector’s Guide