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Rainbocorns Kittycorn Surprise by ZURU

Meet the cutest kitties in Rainboville with Rainbocorns Kittycorn Surprise! These cuddly kittycorns are packed with surprises you'll want to open right meow! Pop open the Rainbocorn egg to reveal a perfect Kittycorn complete with stickers, collectors guide, Kittycorn Kitty Litter Compound and the oh so cute Kitty Boo-Boocorns! Turn off the lights to watch their kitty eyes glow in the dark! These Kittycorns are packed with personality and can’t wait to be your new furry friend! There’s 7 to collect, which kitty will you adopt?!


• 7 Kittycorns to Collect!: There are 7 pawfect fluffy friends to collect! Will you discover adopt Lucky, Clover, Pippa or Dixie?! Each Kittycorn comes with their own unique Kitty Boo-Boocorn plus extra surprises that’ll have you purring with delight! Follow the collectors guide to adopt them all!

• Peel and Reveal Magic Heart: Peel and reveal your Kittycorn’s magic heart to reveal what they love! What love will match their purr-sonality?

• Glow in the Dark Eyes! These furry friends love to explore Rainboville after dark. Turn off the lights to watch your Kittycorn’s eyes glow with night vision!

• Pack Inclusions: 1x Kittycorn Egg, 1x Kittycorn, 1x Boo-Boocorn Egg, 1x Kitty Boo-Boocorn, 1x Kittycorn Sticker Pack, 1 x Kitty Litter Compound, 1x Collectors Guide, 1x Peel 'n' Reveal Magic Heart

• Rainbocorns: are the ultimate surprise egg! Combining mystery unboxing, quirky surprises, and cuddly plush, Rainbocorns are sure to be your new best friend! There are so many surprises to find: Boo-Boocorns, reveal hearts, and even Rainbocorn Poop... The layers of magic and excitement never end! There are so many new Rainbocorns hatching from Rainboville - who will you find?!


1x Kittycorn Egg; 1x Kittycorn Plush; 1x Boo-Boocorn Egg; 1x Kitty Boo-Boocorn; 1x Kittycorn Sticker Pack; 1x Collectors Guide; 1x Rainbocorns Jelly Slime Poop; 1x Peel 'n' Reveal Magic Heart.



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