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Metal Machines Shark Attack Building Trackset with Mini Racing Car by ZURU

Launch your Metal Machine car furiously with the powerful launcher, and knock down the Shark that has been terrorizing the region! Can you build enough power to speed past the double 360 loops and straight over the stunt ramp into the Sharks mouth, knocking it off of its feet.


• METAL MACHINES SHARK PLAYSET: Enjoy the attacking shark, that has the ability to fly off the ground when you drive your car through the end leaver.

• DOUBLE-LOOP ACTION: Can you build enough power to speed through the double 360 loops and straight through the Shark? The 2 loop track set allows you to fly with epic speeds and come out of the spin with max velocity to go over the stunt ramp!

• EXCLUSIVE CAR: This massive pack comes with 1.2m of track, but also has an exclusive ‘wild thing’ car which can be added to your car collection

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Powerful Launcher, 1 x Racing Track including two 360-Loops, Stunt Ramp, 1 x Shark

• METAL MACHINES PROMISE: Metal Machines brings speed, challenges and action right to you with new design cars and fun track sets with incredible value.


1x Metal Machine 1x Powerful Launcher 1x Racing Track including two 360°-Loops & Stunt Ramp 1x Shark



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