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X-Shot Chaos Orbit Blaster (24 Rounds) by ZURU

Unleash firing power that’s out of this world with the X-Shot Chaos Orbit! Use the heavy-duty pump action priming mechanism to fire rounds at 30m / 100 feet per second and destroy the competition. Leave them defenceless as you let loose the massive 14 dart capacity at rapid speeds!


• Rapid Fire Power: The X-Shot Chaos Orbit fires rounds at speeds of 30m / 100 feet per second!

• Easy Reload: Quickly reload by placing 14 rounds in the rear of the blaster at once.

• Capacity: The X-Shot Chaos Orbit has a 14 round capacity.

• 24 Rounds: The X-Shot Chaos Orbit comes with 24 rounds for you to stay stocked and loaded in battle.


1x X-Shot Chaos Orbit Blaster

24x Rounds



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  • 2022-02-26 by CJ
    In my opinion, Nurf is going downhill. The cost of a Nurf gun is not for the gun itself, but for the name. X-Shot packs a powerful punch, for half to a quarter the cost. I thought I was only purchasing 1 X-Shot Orbit Dart Ball Blaster for $40, but in reality, I bought two X-Shot Orbit Ball Blasters for $40, which I was really happy about, considering the Nurf equivalent is roughly $70 for one.
  • 2021-11-07 by donny kirk
    What most ppl don’t realize is that nerf is garbage. They care only about profits so you get all the different variations of crap they can sell you. Zulu/Xshot, Dart Zone, and a few others are superior in terms of performance. I own four of these and they all function properly.
  • 2021-09-01 by Dawn Boosz
    Got these for my son’s birthday and he loves playing with them. They shoot very hard but are accurate and we have fun target shooting inside and outside. I would say these are more for older kids who have enough muscle strength to pump it and fine motor skills to pull the triggers. We really have fun with these.
  • Great blaster
    2021-08-22 by Greta142Spark Review
    My girls had hours of fun playing with this blaster. The little blaster only holds 6 rounds but the bigger one holds more. I like that these blasters are spring powered and not requiring expensive batteries. The pump handle is sometimes hard to pull back but my daughter has strong hands so it was never a problem to her. It shoots fast and hard so be careful with little kids. It is aesthetically appealing with its catchy colors. They are pretty powerful so make sure to not aim directly at people because it stings a little and if you fire outside there are chances you will not be able to find the balls. We lost a few. Overall, it's a good toy!
  • Lots of fun
    2021-08-17 by Bonds0086Spark Revie
    I let my sons open and play with this demo. They immediately began to run around and shoot each other with the balls. The guns were easy to load and fire. There needs to be distance between the players because the balls can hurt, especially small children. They enjoyed playing with them. Our dog also loved chasing the balls after the boys fired them. I would recommend this product to any child who is responsible enough to handle playing with this type of toy and being careful how they shoot each other.
  • ZURU X-Shot
    2021-08-15 by SandyB4Spark Reviewe
    The Orbit works near flawlessly. Smooth operation. Comfortable pump grip. Compatible with nerf brand and dart zone brand balls. High powered for a unmodified toy blaster. This is a win all around. I highly recommended it!!
  • FUN product!
    2021-07-26 by Tiffany
    My kids loved them ages 10 and 4. The youngest had a little harder time learning how to use it but still caught on.
  • 2021-06-26 by N. Agris
    Accurate AF. ?
  • 2021-06-26 by naim young
    I have a lot of Nerf guns and this one sheets a lot more accurate and harder
  • 2021-06-25 by naim young
    I have a lot of Nerf guns and this one sheets a lot more accurate and harder
  • 2021-06-08 by Venomous spiderman
    Automatic with no batteries are better.
  • zuru does it again
    2021-05-19 by Ryan
    awesome ball blaster. not going to lie it packs a little punch. great for playing at a distance highly accurate
  • 2021-03-14 by Dallen
    My son loves. This can go some distance too and kinda stings when you get hit with it. Definitely nurf quality with a cheaper tag.
  • Fun Toy Guns
    2021-03-07 by Gabriela
    These are great quality toy guns they made my 4 year old very happy and kept him entertained for hours with lots of fun.
  • 2021-03-07 by Christie Letterman
    Was great loved it